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Bikes built for serious fun.

Since 2012, Matter Cycles has designed bikes for serious fun. We believe the best bike is the bike that gets ridden. Our road bikes are meant to be ridden no matter how dirty the roads get, our mountain bikes are intended to be ridden up (and down) mountains. Matter Cycles is a small, handmade bicycle company based out of Colorado. We design really fun bikes—made for various levels of rowdiness—using progressive geometry, reliable construction, the best materials, and customer support you'd wanna ride with. 

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"Matter Cycles knows a thing or two about dirt."

— The Radavist


Your bike.

A lot of people talk about form following function, at Matter Cycles we put fun first. Our bikes are the intersection of fit, form, function and fun. Because it's your bike we don't bother naming our models, we let you do that... we just build them. Every step of the process is focused around building you the best bike. That means we understand fit, function, and fun.

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You wouldn't bake a pie with bad apples and we're not going to build your bike with bad apples either. As a matter of fact, no apples, just steel. Like your favorite foods our bikes made with love. Though, unlike your favorite foods you can't eat our bikes. Our tubing may, or may not be organic but it's welded in Colorado. You want to ride the best bikes and we want to build the best bikes. Contact us and we'll discuss your tubes in private.