Since 2012, Matter Cycles has designed bikes for serious fun. We believe the best bike is the bike that gets ridden. Our road bikes are meant to be ridden no matter how dirty the roads get, and our mountain bikes are intended to be ripped up (and down) mountains. Matter Cycles is a small, handmade bicycle company based out of Colorado. We design really fun bikes—made for various levels of rowdiness—using progressive geometry, reliable construction, the best materials, and customer support you'd wanna ride with.

Collin Schaafsma welded his first piece of steel in the early 90's and designed his first bicycle in 2012. By 2014 he was building bikes full-time. He's designed and built just about every kind of bike you can imagine, everything from a full-suspension single pivot steel bike, and fast road bikes, to a three-wheeled cargo trike. 

Justin McKinley moved from Minnesota to Colorado in 2015 to ride more bikes. Working as an independent artist allowed him to divide his time between riding Colorado's front range and collaborating with clients. In 2018 he joined Matter to manage design, marketing and sales efforts.

Together Collin and Justin have over 60 years of two-wheeled experience. Both grew up racing BMX and motocross idolizing stars like Jeff Stanton, Ned Overend, John Tomac, and Jeremy McGrath. So, while they love going fast on road bikes they also like to shred the dirt. Two wheels changed their lives, ride one of their bikes to see how it can change yours.