How much does a bike cost?

Our complete builds start in the $4500 and base price for a frameset is $2800. That will include custom geometry, personalized tube selection, and a one-color paint. There are several other custom options that won’t add any additional costs to your build, but we also provide a number of custom details to make it your own.


You make custom, handmade, steel bikes?

Bingo! Nowadays the terms "custom" and "handmade" get thrown around and overused but for us it's the truth. Every bike is fit to each unique rider, every weld is done in-house, all the geo comes from experience sitting in the saddle and understanding the riding you want to do. We've made bikes out of other materials but believe the hype, steel is real.


Do you sell framesets?

While we prefer to work with you one-on-one to design your bike with parts that compliment our frame's aesthetic and purpose we're open to providing just the frameset for your next build.


How long is your wait?

We aim to complete each build in 8-12 weeks. Clock starts ticking after deposit is received and fit is finalized.


Where are the old bikes like the commuter, fatbike, and didn't you make a full suspension bike one time?

We've made all kinds of bikes over the years, we've even helped out some folks design and build a cargo trike. Moving forward we are focusing on true custom bikes and moving away from specific models. We make a limited number of bikes every year so that each customer can get the full experience of a well made, custom bike!