How To Order

We are with you every step of the way. Our job is to collaborate with you to create the best bicycle and experience you can possibly have. Every bike we deliver is a product we're proud of.

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When ordering a custom bike there are a lot of choices. We love talking about all those colors, choices and options. Even if you’re just kicking the tires on a Matter don’t hesitate to contact us. Anything from geometry, fit, tubing profiles, ride characteristics, build kits, paint and finishes we are here to help. When you’re ready to pull the trigger we ask for a $1,000 deposit to get the party started. 

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It’s time to dial in every last detail of your build. It’s lengthy, but a lot of fun. We start by sending you our build questionnaire so that we can get a good understanding of your background, goals, needs, wants and fit. Our build questionnaire will also ask for some key fitting measurements, however we can also work with your preferred fitting service to ensure we are getting those details just right.

At this time we also hash out your build kit and finishes. This is a lot of fun but we take it pretty damn serious. We can build you the best frame ever but if the build kit and finish doesn’t compliment you and the frame you're not getting the full experience. When fit, geo, frame details, build kit and finishes all come together is what it’s all about for us.

Once we’ve worked through every detail we will put together a drawing with specs, geo, finishes and build kit details that we can then iterate over until it’s perfect. Ask us for an example of one of our build sheets.

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Now that everyone knows exactly what we're building we can get started on the fabrication process. We will document your build and send you photos and keep you posted once the frame is fabricated and heading to paint.

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Now that everything is painted and looking good the final assembly begins. We're picky when it comes to how a bike is built up. Then we met Gav The Mechanic who is even pickier than us! Gav builds up all our bikes for good reason. He’s worked as a mechanic for pro level teams and knows his stuff. Your bike will be completely assembled and ready to rip. Then we carefully pack and ship your bike.

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This is the most important step, it's what the whole thing is about. RIDE IT! We hope you ride it forever. Send us pics, we love client pictures. If you're in the area hit us up to go riding. We like riding.